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  • Respect your fellow user(s). Bullying, harassment, and/or witch hunts of any kind will result in an immediate ban for all parties involved.
  • This is not a political or religious echo chamber. Please take those conversations and views elsewhere as they are not welcomed here. Side note: It is okay to conversate about political news but the moment it becomes anything more than a healthy, friendly discussion, the staff will take action. Please see above as to the outcome of the staff's decision(s).
  • All NSFW content must be marked as such. This is a professional's community so try to keep things to a minimum. Absolutely NO adult/pornographic content is allowed.

  • This is subject to change at anytime, so please check back regularly for updates or follow @cfultz for when updates are made.


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    Currently, if you would like to help keep this server and service up and running you may make donations directly to @cfultz via Paypal.me, or if you're into crypto:
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    Administrative Contact and Abuse Contact

    All requests related to networking, federation, or abusive users can contact the admin @cfultz above via the email provided. If you need something on a more administrative level and have an account, simply message @cfultz or @doortodoorgeek. If you are locked out or have a question regarding any bans or temporary time outs, contact the same email above.

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    You may access our instance using mobile apps. Those can be found here.

    Blocked Instances

    If your account is attached to any of these networks, you will not be able to use Podnutz.us as these sites have been listed as violent, extremist, sexual in nature, or NSFW in other ways. This list was constructed utilizing Dzuk's List of bad actors. If you feel there has been an error in our blocking, please contact the administrator.