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...and the app is back: Huge thanks to everyone for your patience and support on this, and apologies for the inconvenience. Thanks also to Google for being transparent and apologetic once we'd established contact. Now, back to preparing for @[email protected]!


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HPC/Redhat System Administrator for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. Have been into computers since I can remember and I have finally found the job that I love and let's me work with my hobby in a laidback, chill, and interesting environment.

Questions regarding #Infiniband, #Redhat, #Torque, #MOAB, or anything else #HPC related please feel free to ask! I know I'll be posting some here eventually! :redhatalt:

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Live in 10 Minutes!! Android App Addicts #570 - Podcast

Anyone else getting involved in this , , , etc stuff on Robinhood? What is your take on the situation?

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We're proud to announce the first episode of the new @thepine64 Community #Podcast, PineTalk.

It's hosted by @Ezra and @linmob, who talk about how they got started with computers, PINE64 and FOSS in general for the first episode.

Go listen at

Swapping out old hard drives for new ones in a huge NAS/SAN isn't terrible until you realize you have to put a cradle on each of them... My fingers and hands hurt something fierce today :redhat: :linux:

@DoorToDoorGeek Currently using element on Android and windows. They have it on the play store and fdroid

Setting up our chat server! It is active but not accepting registrations at More to come!

I really need to learn docker... like I know enough about it to be somewhat dangerous, but not enough to utilize it in my day to day life (and I think it would serve me way better than my current work flow). Any good tutorials/guides out there?

I hate super cold days... Keeps the drone out of the skies...

Added a section to our About/Code of Conduct section titled "Blocked Instances"

Facts. My friend purchased a borked VHS player with a stuck tape. We got it working and.... well, let's just say that you probably shouldn't play tapes without any labels...

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Latest additions to our custom emojis. More to come, but wanted to get the hype started.

Adding new emojis and correcting our federation getting to keep the Podnutz Community safe! If something happens and you're account is removed, let myself or @DoorToDoorGeek know through other mediums (IRC, the subreddit, email, etc). Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

@nremind dual boot is probably gonna be the answer. Thanks!

I know I'll end up losing some performance, but I'm trying to decide whether to dual boot or not.

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Is it possible to run guest on a host and play games utilizing a dedicated GPU? I would love to do this but worried that I'll lose my full ability of the CPU and GPU? Here's what gave me the idea:

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