Migrating our install to a new server. Prepare for some bumps. 🚚

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@DoorToDoorGeek It never hurts to have another one to complete my collection of 32 different podcast apps on my device ☠️ 😆

Podnutz.us is now part of the Browser's $BAT or Basic Authentication Token rewards program. What this means is if you use the Brave Browser normally and setup the BAT rewards program, Podnutz.us will receive a monthly donation of BAT from our users simply from using their browser and viewing their privacy first, safe ads. You can limit the number of ads you see from 1-5 an hour. Plus, with Brave, you get ad, tracker, and other nasties blocked by default. :brave: :bravetoken:

I've been digging the browser a lot lately. Chrome without the bloat and a bit more privacy. I feel it's a good choice nowadays. Plus, it has a TOR private window mode... Not sure how that all works, but it appears that I am using TOR when I enable it. Pretty nifty!

Learning HTCondor seems like it will be fun and absolutely frustrating all at the same time...

I made my first docker image! Check it out if you need with support:


Successfully migrated my bare metal server into a container! Feeling pretty snazzy :plex:

I think I'm falling in love with and I dont care who knows it! :pleased: :pleased: :pleased:

When your computer reminds you of your Civic from the early 2000's.

Much like , is another way that users and creators can interact. I have set one up for myself, but the first goal is all about Podnutz.us! Check it out!


@bodotdot Of course! I follow a few folks on fosstodon.org as well as a few other instances. I do have my own account on fosstodon, but it isn't required. @cfultz is me over there.

@bodotdot I enjoy it. Full disclosure, I've not tried any of the others except for the web interface so I'm a bit biased lol

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