:godmode: :Kappa: :android: :plex: :duke_nukem: :police_whistle:

Latest additions to our custom emojis. More to come, but wanted to get the hype started.

@cfultz Unrelated--is Tusky a good Mastodon app? I need one for my phone.


@bodotdot I enjoy it. Full disclosure, I've not tried any of the others except for the web interface so I'm a bit biased lol

@cfultz Understood. Hey, Tusky is asking me for the Instance. Do you know the Podnutz Instance I could use to log in? Thanks.

@cfultz That worked. Now I just need to find more stuff to follow. Thanks again. :ghostbusters:

@bodotdot Of course! I follow a few folks on fosstodon.org as well as a few other instances. I do have my own account on fosstodon, but it isn't required. @cfultz is me over there.

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