I have downloaded a large amount of wallpapers, over the years and I've placed them all in one folder. Is there an app that will let me rotate my own wallpapers and let me set how often they should change?

I'd like to switch to a more private way to text than Android Messages. I need to be able to receive picture files for my business, though. Is there a better app that doesn't require both parties to be using the app?

My garage door keeps freezing to my driveway but I'm not able to pre-lift it. I'm afraid it's going to damage the lifting mechanism. Any easy solutions?

I think it's time to shut down my 2012 Nexus 7 tablet for good. It only works with KitKat ROMs, and almost every app that I can still use with KitKat runs really slow. It had a good run, though.

If anyone is able to give me some troubleshooting on a retro gaming device that isn't working the right way, it would be appreciated. I'm trying to run Retropie on a Raspberry Pi Zero W attached to an Adafruit Joy Bonnet.


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