This is the cyclosis (or trapdoor spider), and its incredible abdomen looks like an ancient coin! This genus of spider lives in burrows, and it uses the hardened disc at the end of its abdomen to clog the entrance when it's threatened.

This man illustrates how the value of pie (3.142) was arrived at and he even explains how the area of a circle was derived, using nothing but Pizza pies. Amazing!

RickAstleyVevo put a 5 second disclaimer before the song Never Gonna Give You Up on youtube to stop 'rick rolling' which ended up slowing down revenue by reducing view counts. is now part of the Browser's $BAT or Basic Authentication Token rewards program. What this means is if you use the Brave Browser normally and setup the BAT rewards program, will receive a monthly donation of BAT from our users simply from using their browser and viewing their privacy first, safe ads. You can limit the number of ads you see from 1-5 an hour. Plus, with Brave, you get ad, tracker, and other nasties blocked by default. :brave: :bravetoken:

The Ren & Stimpy Stow: The Kids in the Hall: Good Times: Beavis and Butt-Head: 25 TV Shows Rebooting in 2021:

Great to hear Randi's voice again

[The Michael Shermer Show] BONUS: James Randi—A Report from the Paranormal Trenches (1992) via @PodcastAddict

Such a hard thing to do, I give them two chances...

mnm | an open source project to replace email & SMTP

Stewart Brand, stay hungry stay foolish

Watch "We Are As Gods: Stewart Brand & The Fight to Bring Back Extinct Species" on YouTube

Wow, I like this one, just wish the screen was a touch bigger

ANBERNIC RG351V Handheld Game Player 5000 Classic Games RK3326 Portable Retro Mini Game Console IPS Wifi Online Combat Game _ - AliExpress Mobile

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